What are some ways I can engage with my team through my Stream messages?

The best ways to engage your team through the stream is to remind them of the following:


1. SFI News Alerts. SFI News Alerts have vital information that’s critical to daily operation of our business centers. Besides, there are developments highlighted that may be changes in policy or new policy. New features and tools are announce in the SFI News Alerts. In addition, the news alerts highlight useful resources and tips team leaders can use to improve business centers in their downline.

2. A thread that you have bookmarked from the forum. When I run across useful posts I try to bookmark them. I will reference those posts on my FB business profile, Twitter feed, or GooglePlus.

3. Ask SC Answer of the Day. Remind your team of the importance of Ask SC! There are jewels to be found that can serve as a catalyst to boost your income.

4. Quote of the Day. Witty axioms, metaphors, quotes, and interesting topics of conversation can serve to be a reminder of the big picture or the natural course of things. Give your team some food for thought!

5. Did You Know? Factoids about the business are always interesting and helps to keep the business alive. Share with your team SFI by the numbers and other interesting facts about SFI and your journey here.

6. Deal of the Day. Sharing a quick tip about the Deal of the Day can boost your SFI commissions. Remember the 3 basic pillars of SFI are sales, growth, and support.

7. Featured Marketing Aid. So many team members fail to take advantage of this point of referral. Remind your team to use the featured marketing aid in their advertising.

8. Goals Tab. Setting goals and following a plan of action to reach your goals are important to your SFI success. Have you set your SFI goals? Are you on track to meeting your goals?

9. Featured ECA. Sales are the lifeblood of any business and our ECAs provide over 80,000 products and services from around the world. Remind your team that you can support ECAs in their country and region as well as find highly rated ECAs right from the ECA tab! There are also links on sponsoring ECAs and ECA discussions at the Forum.

10. Eager Zebra Factoids. To promote EZ games, why not share an interesting factoid. Also from the EZ tab you can find helpful resources that provide training on how to boost your income playing EZ games!

11. PB Auctions Factoids. What better to build interest in Pricebenders Auctions than to share the savings! Let people know what they are missing out on. You can’t win if you don’t bid. Jump in and have a strategy and fun!

12. My Earnings. Remind your team that they can see where they stand commission wise. All they have to do is review the information on the scoreboard tab. They can also access leader boards from this tab. Ask open ended questions to get your team communicating about their income goals. Let your team know that they can update their goals anytime and they should be flexible to fit their present business needs.

These are just a few things to get the ball rolling as it relates to communication with your stream. Recently, the stream characters have been expanded but be brief and to the point. Keep your stream current up to 72 hours . There isn’t a need to post things in the stream everyday but when the need arises don’t hesitate to use this powerful resource.

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what are the component of a good advertisements

When marketing  products/services, you need to think how you can bring in new customers and generate sales; therefore it is essential to include the major components of a great advertisement in your marketing campaign.

Think about the unique benefits of products/services and showcase that in a persuasive way. To be effective, you need to emphasize results more than the features.

Here are the major components of a great advertisement in marketing products/services:

  • Attention Grabbing

We’re bombarded with thousand of ad messages every day. One of the most effective ways to get the attention of your prospect is by incorporating strong, bold headline, which sends the following message clearly: “Hey, look at me, pay attention. I can solve your problem!” You can go to the Marketing Center and select the appropriate Marketing aids (Banners, Text Ads, etc.) that you can use in promoting products/services. The Marketing Aids are designed to get the attention of your prospect effectively. They appeal to basic sensory perceptions and if done right, they work simply because we’re human.

  • Create Interest and Engagement

You need to make your ad compelling by sending your prospects a clear message that if they continue to read or listen you’re going to teach them something. So it’s a promise to get them to continue to read, continue to listen, because you’re going to educate them.

  • Strong compelling offer and Call to Action

You need to have something that is low risk, whether it is a discount, whether it is more information, or whatever. But those are the things you need to do. For example, you can use this powerful banner in your blog: “LOVE GARAGE SALES? We’re building the WORLD’S LARGEST Online Garage Sales! CLICK HERE. Snatch bargains for pennies on the dollar! New items added hourly! Collectibles and hard-to-find items! Sell you own unwanted stuff too for quick cash!” TripleClicks.com 

  • Hook the desires of your prospects

A good advertisement contains valuable information for specific target market providing solutions to their needs. For example: “Hey, Bargain Hunters! We’ve got collectibles, closeouts, one-of-a-kinds and more! New items daily!”

  • Copy Elements

Photography, illustration and logo symbols raise interest in any ad. Integrate these graphic elements with your headline and copy for maximum effect. It is a known fact that more attention goes to pictures than words and human models get the most attention in magazine ads. This indicates the value of using models that match or appeal to your target audience to forge an immediate connection between  product/service and your potential customer. Inconsistency between your headline and your illustration will confuse the viewer and reduce the ads impact.

What are some good phone scripts to use in welcoming new affiliates, or contacting your warm market?

If you must welcome new affiliates using the phone, the first thing to do is to introduce yourself simply and quickly, ie.

“Hi, how are you? This is your Sponsor in SFI, Luckie Vickie!
Just want to welcome you personally to my Team, and see if you need help in getting started?”

Depending on the response, you can then assuage any feeling of hesitance or unreadiness to start by promising to send an email.

“Would it help you better if I send you a E-mail with simple guidance and procedure for you to follow?”

If the answer is yes, then you’re in business.

To contact your warm market, it would also depend on the relationship you have with your prospect.

For a relative, a simple, casual phone call will do. Try this:

“Hi, cousin! How are you going? Are you doing anything special today?
Remember you asked me about my latest project? I have just won another auction for 99c! If you’re free today, I’ll come around and show you.”

For a friend, try this for a Friend’s Challenge.

“Hi, Best Friend,
Are you still up? Just want to share an exciting news- I just won in Knockout Trivia/Gold Streak/Card King and I’ve started an Uber League. How would you like to join me? You’ll enjoy the games. Let’s see how you can beat me or I, you!”

These are only some of the sample scripts you can use. Try and see what happens.

Whatever you do, know why you’re calling, prepare the call, set the ball rolling by making a statement and asking question.

Put a smile or laughter on your voice that can be infectious, especially when calling a friend or members of your family who live far from you.

And focus on being of service to them for maximum effect. Then think of the next step with a mutually-agreed follow up appointment.


video communication

Well, video marketing is very effective when incorporated with other marketing strategies like email marketing, and social media marketing. So you can make your video using video making software or you can make it with something like your smart phone. The best way to promote your video is on youtube. So you must register a Youtube account and abide by the terms of service. Then you can share your youtube videos using gmail, and facebook. The more videos you upload the more traffic your profile will have on youtube and you can share those videos.

When you share your videos using gmail, the video previews in the email. Using safelist you can drive 1000s of visitors to your video. In the description of your video be sure to include your referral link. Put it in the first 50 characters because that will preview in youtube as well. Be sure to use tracking software so that you can determine where most of the safelist traffic is coming from.

To share your videos on Facebook, just make sure that your privacy settings are set to public so that when you share the video on a friends timeline or your profile everyone can see it. People will like your video, and make comments. Then you have to use that information from inside your Facebook ad account to boost the videos with the most engagement. Just keep your videos within about 2 mins. All of the stats will be available from within your ad account.

how to ensure continue growth in affiliate business

To ensure that affiliate’s  business continually grows one should:
1. Log on to your affiliate center daily
2. Perform your daily to do activities
3. Recruit friend and other affiliates to you store
4. Purchase items from your affiliate  store
5. Participate in any activities of raising funds 
6. Play Eager zebra games and join Wave 3  
7. Recruit ECA’s
8. Advertise, advertise, advertise your business using several medium mentioned in your training materials
9. Use different advertising media and forms to ensure your business is well advertised
10. Read all the learning materials and put the activities into practice

face to face communication in affiliate marketing


Any place where you will have access to huge gathering of people will be very ideal to meet people face to pace, promote your  Business and explore opportunities to recruit affiliates.

Such being the case, you can find mass gathering of people, or huge visitors in the following places:
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SEO Quick Tips: Four Ways to Improve Your Results Today

SEO Quick Tips: Four Ways to Improve Your Results Today

i love it

The WordPress.com Blog

Did you know that WordPress.com is extremely SEO friendly right out of the box?

If you blog here at WordPress.com, you’re already ensuring great search engine results, without even having to try!

But if your search rank still isn’t where you want it to be, here are four quick steps you can take today to start improving it.

Post something!

Writers block Photo by Vince Kusters

“Wait,” you say. “I thought you said these were going to be quick, easy tips! Posting is The Hardest Thing Evah!”

I feel you. Writer’s block is real, but an active posting schedule of useful content is rule number one in traffic building.

Posts don’t have to be a ten-paragraph original academic essay to be worthwhile, though! Here are some ideas if the blank page (well, post editor) is getting you down:

  • Post a photo you’ve recently snapped, with a few lines about where it was…

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All About SEO on WordPress.com

The WordPress.com Blog

We get a lot of questions about SEO here on WordPress.com, and no wonder — you work hard on your site and want to get the word out! SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO recommendations are intended to help your site rank higher and more accurately in search engines, like Google. Say you write a blog about sailboats. When someone Googles “sailboats,” how many pages of results do they have to scroll through before they see a link to your blog? The goal behind having good SEO is to increase your website’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking.

many sailboats On the busy internet, it can be tough to make your “sailboat” stand out from all the others.

Ideally, you want your link to be on the first page of results. The best ways to accomplish this are:

  • consistently publish useful, original posts about sailboats; and
  • promote your blog in intelligent ways to people…

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how to promote business using videos

To promote SFI using a video, you will need to introduce yourself to your prospective customers. The “About me” page on your personal website is the standard place to introduce yourself to your prospects and describe your background. Bringing that information to life with a video will leave a profound impression on your viewers. And if your business is done primarily
over the Internet, it can also help to bridge the cap between you and
your prospective customers.

“By giving folks a snapshot of who you are and what your business is about, will help potential customers feel more at ease, and more comfortable transacting business online.

A video “About me” page can be simple – you describe your background and services and share your passion. You could be sitting at a desk, or casually walking through your store or work area.

Also, when promoting SFI with a Video, we must give instructions more
attention. For instance, logging on and viewing all red tabs is an instruction that needs to be adhered to. This instruction needs to be communicated regularly in the video or if its a tripleclicks product, instructions on how to care for a product, where to go for updates etc. Putting the information in a video will not only save you from repeating yourself, it’ll increase the likelihood that your customers will listen.

When promoting your SFI Video, you tend to bring customers in for a closer
look. Using a video blog (vlog) is a fun way to give customers an inside
look at your SFI business, and to change the pace from your usual written blog. Even if you don’t keep a regular blog, you could release a video blog occasionally, whenever you have something you want to share with your viewers.

Also, using a video, to promote SFI, you are promoting a wealth of knowledge on your business. In the video, you would shed light on questions most affiliates ask when they join and if possible, links for them to view.

In summary, when we have followed the above process designing a video on SFI, we can promote the video link via emails to our safelist contacts, upload the video via youtube, Share on video links on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

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how to promote a products or give gifts during holidays seasons


There will be a lot of people shopping on-line during this upcoming holiday season and to get a part of the action I would say we need to be advertising like we have never done before.
We need to get “gift” ideas out on the net now! The more products you can advertise the more chances you will have of gaining some of the holiday on-line customers.
This is the time of the year where people are knowingly going to spend money and you want them to spend it on what you have to offer.  Continue reading “how to promote a products or give gifts during holidays seasons”

Good communication with our team is vital in SFI, but what if we are not good writers; how do we learn to write well?

Many people cringe at the idea of “writing” because they think they don’t know how to write, but, the bottom line, it’s much easier than you’d believe. <a href=’https://www.tripleclicks.com/13457859/detail?item=411436′><img src=’http://sfibanners.csidn.com/banner511.jpg&#8217; border=’0′></a>

I was taught good writing skills during my education years all the way through college. I was fortunate to have some very good teachers. Having said that, writing skills are more about communicating an idea to people. One does not have to be William Shakespeare to do this.

First, as an SFI Member, you have access to many “Templates” other members have written and used in their communications. I’d highly recommend you review them. You can edit them to suit your personal preferences and copy/paste them into your PSA/CSA/Team Mail correspondence. The SFI system will save your versions for future mailings.

Secondly, think about what piques your interest. There is no reason why you shouldn’t convey that to others. This is especially helpful to get Team Members that are on the “same page” as you and build a personal relationship.
Finally, keep your content simple and to the point.
Standard successful advertising rules are as follows:

1) Subject Line – Maximum 20 characters in length. Do NOT include $ signs or references to “making millions”, etc.
2) Content – Maximum 200 characters in length. Keep the content relevant and concise.
3) Contact Information – Very important to allow your Team Members to access you on a PERSONAL level.
I hope this helps you in your endeavors to communicate with your team.
God Bless and Success.<a href=’https://www.tripleclicks.com/13457859/detail?item=411436′><img src=’http://sfibanners.csidn.com/banner511.jpg&#8217; border=’0′></a>

What are the best habits to develop to ensure that your SFI business continually grows

It is a good idea to develop good business habits to help grow <a href=’https://www.tripleclicks.com/13457859/indexContests.php’><img src=’http://sfibanners.csidn.com/banner514.png&#8217; border=’0′></a>your business. These include the following:
1. Log in every day, no matter what! If you expect to grow your business, you cannot neglect it in any way. Just as you would go to your physical business site every day to see how your workers are doing and to check out your inventory and solve any problems that may occur, it is important to log in and read the information made available to you and complete your tasks.
2. Check your movers and see how they are doing. You want to work with them most of all.
3. Read the news items so you know what is going on.
4. Go to TripleClicks and see what new items are available. TripleClicks is your store, and you should know what is there so you can promote your store.
5. Check the Forum and Ask SC. These are valuable resources. These are good places to communicate with fellow affiliates.
6. Develop a good working relationship with your team members and other affiliates. You want to help your team to grow. Keep the communication lines open and encourage your affiliates. Congratulate them when they reach milestones. Let them know how valuable they are.
Above all else, keep a positive attitude and never cut down or belittle anyone in this great organization or anywhere else, for that matter.
By doing these things each day, your business will steadily grow. It takes time, but you will surely succeed.
Thanks for this question.
1. First and foremost is, we should approach SFI business as any other business
and the best of our attention must be paid on a daily basis. Viewed from this
perspective, we should cultivate the following:
a. Logging in, to our Account without missing a single day;
b. Ensuring, all essential activities are completed & available VersaPoints are
gathered without losing any opportunity;
c. Performance of Team Members are monitored through Movers, Genealogy, etc
and clear, corrective steps are initiated to ensure continuous growth;
d. SFI News Letters should be read & important points to be shared with Team
e. Alerts on the Home Page should be paid foremost attention & appropriate
action must be taken then and there.
f. Forum should be visited & all posts to be read; Where ever necessary can
reply/share/post for the benefit of self and others;
g. At regular interval, should communicate with the Up Line sharing anything
that is relevant to the business;
h. Establish a good rapport & relationship with the Team members;
2. Approach everything with a positive frame of mind and with an attitude
“not to give up and not to quit – no matter what”!;
3. Begin the day with a clear Plan of Action on all areas of SFI Business.
4. Set in motion, the action plan.
5. To analyze the Tasks set and action taken, at the end of the day.
6. Again decide on the action to be taken on the pending Tasks.
We should develop the habit of:
a) Planning our activities; b) Setting them in motion; c) Analyzing them from time to time; d) Initiating corrective action;
e) Having alternate Plans; f) Ensuring compliance & achievements g) Sharing them with Team members & inspiring them to perform better. h) With these kind of habits, every one can grow and succeed continuously.Top of Form<a href=’https://www.tripleclicks.com/13457859/indexContests.php’><img src=’http://sfibanners.csidn.com/banner514.png&#8217; border=’0′></a>

How can I help the Movers on my team move up to the next level?

<a href=’http://www.tripleclicks.com/13457859/go’><img src=’http://sfibanners.csidn.com/banner516.png&#8217; border=’0′></a>Keep lines of communication with your movers open and check to make sure they are moving toward their goals. Let them know how valuable they are and show them where they may need more VP in their VP ledger. Perhaps you can give them some TCredits or a gift certificate to help them. Be very careful about gift certificates, however. You do not want to make affiliates dependent on you. You want them to build their own team and work on their own.
Add some affiliates by giving them shares if they have joined your co-ops. If possible, reassign some affiliates to them as well. This should only be done if you have affiliates who are EAs and you can help them get to higher levels.
Above all, always be encouraging and positive. Affiliates must know how valuable they are to your team. This will help motivate them to move to greater heights.

<a href=’http://www.tripleclicks.com/13457859/go’><img src=’http://sfibanners.csidn.com/banner516.png&#8217; border=’0′></a>First you have to be the leader of the pack, and lead by example. It
doesn’t mean all your movers want to move to the next level, some
of them are very comfortable where they are for one reason or another
could be financial problem or not spending enough time to grow their
business or market the product and they lack consistency.
But you always have to give them your encouragement and offer your help,
if they need any kind of help to get them to the next level without putting any
Pressure on them.
Some are ready also eager and striving to go to the next level to
Those see their progress and identify the area hindering them form getting to
The next level and work with them to pave the way for higher level.
Show them how to market the products and where, teach them how to acquire
more affiliates, show them all the available tools we have to be successful.
As long as you all work as a team, as they see you moving up they will follow
You as well to move up with you. We are often reminded to “Work with our workers,” and I must say that is a true and powerful statement. For it is our workers, in our teams, that will move us to the top levels of success in SFI. In knowing this it, would be to our best interest to assist our workers to achieve higher levels.
A good reason for doing the above is that when one of your teammates reaches a higher level they get excited and this helps to build their trust in the fact that SFI is a viable business and they will want to stick around a bit longer.
Another thing that is taking place when you help your movers rise in rank is that you are showing them an easy step in duplicating your work. Most of your movers will not forget how you helped them advance and will use that same method to increase and stabilize their own teams.
You need to be sure that the movers you are trying to help achieve the next level really want to be on that level and will be able to maintain it. If you help someone this month and the move for them was to premature and they fall back next month they may get depressed enough to quit.
One of the things I always do before assisting one of my workers to the next level is I get in good daily communication with them for a while and ask them if they were on the next level would they be able to stay on that level on their own. I let them know right up front that I will personally help them reach that level only once and if they cannot maintain it then simply put they will drop back. One of the reasons I do it like this is I do not want my affiliates depending on me each time they fall back and need a hand again. If they keep advancing I keep helping them as much as I can without creating dependency.
The methods that I help my movers with are:
• giving them new sign-ups
• Giving a gift certificate (usually for a NMP – New Member Pack).
• I have also given my movers spots on my rotator when running a large advertising campaign.
• Also have given gift certificates for just $2.00 to get one TCredit to gain the sales VP or to purchase a pack of gift cards to distribute for the 300 AVP (action VersaPoints)
• I have also offered to help any of my movers (and others in my team) write content for their stream post or for letters to their down-lines. I send them scripts that they can copy and paste – I personally modify the writings to appear as though they came from the person sending them and I give them permission to modify them if needed.
I will not help one of my movers put in a standing order – this must be done on their own. And I also will not help my movers to buy packs of TCredits when they can be earned though T-time and through monthly qualifying in their rank.
The best way to help your movers – Lead by example – show easy duplication – be an Awesome Sponsor. <a href=’http://www.tripleclicks.com/13457859/go’><img src=’http://sfibanners.csidn.com/banner516.png&#8217; border=’0′></a>


How do you build a team where everyone knows they are valued members and part of something special?

Forum Discussion<a href=’http://www.tripleclicks.com/13457859/go’><img src=’http://sfibanners.csidn.com/banner516.png&#8217; border=’0′></a>We all have a ceiling on what we feel we can accomplish, earn and impact the world with on a daily basis. Whatever you believe becomes your truth. Until you breakthrough that ceiling, no matter what you do in your business or your life, you will not see the results you truly desire and deserve. Well, that puts a damper on everything! However, it does not have to be this way!
Get your team to be valued members and part of something special by:
1. Showing them how to break the Millionaire Ceiling…
Newsflash: You cannot make a million dollars doing work that you can pay someone $15 – $20 per hour.
2. Showing them how to create passive revenue, so they make money while they sleep.
3. Showing them how to keep the sales coming in day in and day out, no
matter what!
4. Showing them how to become aligned with what you do, so they can build a business and a life that energizes and excites them every day.
Instead of being the burned out worker-bee in it, so they can have more time to spend with those they love.
5. Telling them to be committed by “Following the money” in the SFI compensation plan.
If they are ready to make a big financial shift and grow their SFI business to the Million Dollar Plus level, and create an beautiful quality of life to spend with those they love, they need to be a part of this very special team. Taking a moment to stop and learn how to create dramatic growth in their business is time very well spent.
6. Telling them that SFI Business Success Depends on Support and Knowing Your Numbers.
Let’s face it, making money and living their dream is exciting. Too many SFI affiliates push sales to the end of their development when building a SFI business. I’m not saying they should not have a great platform and a good website and a solid plan. But I am saying that those tasks should be happening the same time they are developing their sales plan. People get stuck in logo development, website building and all the other items of building a SFI business and often delay sales until everything is finished.
NB: Let me tell you this: it’s never perfect or finished. MAURICE.

Letting your affiliates know they are special and that they are part of a special business venture starts from the very beginning, with a good welcome message. It continues as you communicate with them every week and you congratulate them on their accomplishments and cheer them on at every milestone. Giving them affiliates by placing your movers in co-ops is an excellent way to make them feel special. Sending them a gift certificate once in a while or giving them TCredits also makes them feel special. Be sure to answer any questions they may have and ask them for feedback whenever you write. Above all, never write anything negative or hurtful. Show them, by your actions and your badges, that you mean what you say. Never force them to do things, but show them how they might do things in a better way Just be a friend. That’s how you build your team and make them feel that they are a part of something special, because they really are! SFI is a really special business! Make it the most exciting thing both you and your affiliates have ever worked to promote. It really is, you know.<a href=’http://www.tripleclicks.com/13457859/go’><img src=’http://sfibanners.csidn.com/banner516.png&#8217; border=’0′></a>




What are some tips for getting the most out of the SFI Forum each day?

logo-forum_lgNo doubt, the current Forum Is another unofficial ‘knowledge base’ for all Affiliates, contributed by all Affiliates.
Forum is a place where all affiliates can share information, ask question and submit their own answers as well. Questions and answers may come from inexperience new members or season ones and the answer you received also the same, may come from newbies or experienced and seasoned Team Leaders. The best part of it, if no correct and clear answers given by members, Mr. Carson himself will come forward with ‘on the spot’ answers.

Forum should be used as reference points besides those official info made available by SFI. It is a must for every member to read Forum to enrich their knowledge and to find their ‘out of the box’ answers. By doing so, members should be able to learn to:

1) Ask question and support from fellow members when no assistance received from their
2) Gain knowledge by participating in Forum.
3) Enhanced their writing skills, by reading and submitting questions and answers, thus
improve their self-confidence and helps develop their Leadership skills.
4) Enable Senior Leaders to share valuable tips with the entire SFI’s community, in return each
member could use the same tips or info with their very own team members/downlines.

Forum, again no doubt is a powerful platform for all affiliates to brainstorm and if used properly can assist everyone to success. With the assistance of Forum Moderators, only relevant question allowed to be posted and with a handful of Forum Gurus, has made Forum a ‘condusive’ place to be for every members to share their thoughts.

First understand that the SFI FORUM is an important forum for strategic, direct to point support to answers to affiliates who are in dear need of answer to quickly meet their need.

To maximize the benefits of this forum, do the following:

  1. Enter forum as frequent as possible but do more of reading than contributing.

  2. As you read answers to questions, do comparative analysis of answers and ideas.

  3. Filter and make use of best answers and ideas.

  4. Ask your own specific questions about things bordering you.or areas you need guidance to improve.

  5. Try to view the pages of Team Leaders who have referred and registered many ECAs, top 100 sellers, top enrollers etc for advise on how you too can do same. This are activities to help you earn in $1000’s

  6. A good place to choose a2a friends by select from those in no 5. above as mentors. Remember the saying, ” show me your mentor and I will show you how far you can go “

I assure you that doing all the above will help you enjoy FORUM maximally.
See you at the top soon. <a href=’http://www.sfi4.com/13457859/REAL’><img src=’http://www.sfimg.com/SFIBanners/banner414.jpg&#8217; border=’0′></a>
My Regards.



What are some ideas for promoting online products during the big, upcoming holidays and gift-giving season?

Sometime we as business owner have to let our Clients and the people that we do our yearlong business with know what our business is all about and how they can share in it also. <a href=’http://www.sfi4.com/13457859/REAL’><img src=’http://www.sfimg.com/SFIBanners/banner414.jpg&#8217; border=’0′></a>And also this time of the year is very special and at the same time very important Too. Because the people that are now around us are very eager to listen and hear what is being said in our advertisements, by knowing this we pay special attention to the way that they react to what we send out to them. And also what area and what part of the Country we are target with our advertisement, what we say in them is real important to the people that we are trying to get to notice what we are doing with the business that we are doing. And we must sent out follow-up notices to those that we did contact and who also show some interest and before too long after this they may even decide to come on broad with you as just a shopper, or just a buyer, but they are now on broad with your business.

My greatest suggestion would be to do your promoting as EARLY as possible.

The shipping time that some companies have for their products is over a month, to certain countries, usually to people not living in their own country. When many products have free shipping for their products, though, this is to be expected.

Promote the companies that accept pick-ups – where buyers who live in that area can go and collect their products at the premises of the company, especially when time is running out to get one’s gifts in time! Obviously try and geo-target market where possible – market the products of a company in a certain country to people living in that same country.

Or warn your potential new affiliates that they may need to order as soon as possible in order to get their products on time for the gift-giving season. Do of course mention, though, that the delivery time may only be a bit long due to many products at highlighted in the sites having shipping included in their price (free shipping!)

Plan well in advance. <a href=’http://www.sfi4.com/13457859/REAL’><img src=’http://www.sfimg.com/SFIBanners/banner414.jpg&#8217; border=’0′></a>Order some gift-giving season products for yourself too, now, and then late next year – not too late though!- you can show off these products to potential new affiliate s which may help entice them to order the same products.

Also mention how at your company they may be able to get an extra gift to give to somebody for free:

Tell them they will get Member Rewards Points when they purchase products at the company and that these Member Rewards Points can be saved up and then used to buy another gift!

Also tell them that they can get Member Rewards Points in other ways too – from using credits  (that they may win!) on games or on auctions, and from maybe winning Member Rewards Points in the Daily Crown.

Also explain how they may win an auction and may be able to choose a gift certificate option instead of the item up for auction, and that they can use that gift certificate at TripleClicks or at another place like Amazon.

And be happy and excited in all your promotions.<a href=’http://www.sfi4.com/13457859/REAL’><img src=’http://www.sfimg.com/SFIBanners/banner414.jpg&#8217; border=’0′></a>

the best tips for life

Don’t just focus on the time factor and draw your conclusion about when to expect producing income from your SFI business. You can have more than the time you need, but are you focusing on activities that produce income from your SFI business?

Do you have any strategic plan on how you spend your time and some financial investments towards meeting your expectation of when to produce your income? This is a critical question that only you can answer.

When can you expect producing income from your SFI business will depend on the following aspects?

  • Do you have your own lead generation system targeting high qualified prospects?

Lead generation is the lifeblood of your SFI business. Without having a constant supply of fresh, targeted leads, your business will not grow at all and you won’t be producing any income. You need to invest in creating your own lead generation system by having your own website/blog, landing page, autoresponder system, etc. You need to allocate time for creating relevant content to attract your target, share compelling information in social media to effectively engage prospects and to add human value to your brand and focus on keyword optimization (SEO) to make sure that your SFI business is easily accessible when prospects search for keywords that relate to your SFI business.

It is a fact that generating your own leads will give you the best prospects. Start the rapport building process with your leads by communicating and listening to them and then provide a solution that fits their needs. This will initiates the conversion of your leads into sign ups.

  • Have you been consistently training and supporting your downline in duplicating your efforts?

You will not make real money in your SFI business unless you really know how to build your downline that is, sponsoring the right quantity and quality of PSAs, training, coaching and developing their skills, and showing them how to duplicate the process to build their downlines.

Once you figure out how to do all three steps, your downline will have its own life, not just dependent on you being their Team Leader and sponsor.

  • Are you striving to attain leveraging on the efforts, time, money and skills of your downline to effectively build their SFI business and increase their income potential?

Leveraging is a model that every SFI business owner should understand in order to succeed. It is all about achieving more with less. It allows you to duplicate your time through the efforts of your team members to achieve maximum results. The power of leveraging will depend on team members who share your goal of building a strong SFI business and are willing to work for it, and how you develop your downline into duplication by committing into SFI BASICS.

  • Are you generating TripleClicks sales?

An immediate source of income is by generating TC sales. There are several ways to generate TripleClicks sales:

  1. You can start learning and applying the marketing methods and marketing aids from your Marketing tab.

  2. Share TC products information through E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networking sites by sharing the link: “Share & Win”.

These are the type of activities that you should be engaging to start producing income from your SFI business. http://www.tripleclicks.com/13457859/wave

the end day of the month of oct 2015, plan for the next month

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this will make you to re organise for the next month november 2015