What are some ways I can engage with my team through my Stream messages?

The best ways to engage your team through the stream is to remind them of the following:


1. SFI News Alerts. SFI News Alerts have vital information that’s critical to daily operation of our business centers. Besides, there are developments highlighted that may be changes in policy or new policy. New features and tools are announce in the SFI News Alerts. In addition, the news alerts highlight useful resources and tips team leaders can use to improve business centers in their downline.

2. A thread that you have bookmarked from the forum. When I run across useful posts I try to bookmark them. I will reference those posts on my FB business profile, Twitter feed, or GooglePlus.

3. Ask SC Answer of the Day. Remind your team of the importance of Ask SC! There are jewels to be found that can serve as a catalyst to boost your income.

4. Quote of the Day. Witty axioms, metaphors, quotes, and interesting topics of conversation can serve to be a reminder of the big picture or the natural course of things. Give your team some food for thought!

5. Did You Know? Factoids about the business are always interesting and helps to keep the business alive. Share with your team SFI by the numbers and other interesting facts about SFI and your journey here.

6. Deal of the Day. Sharing a quick tip about the Deal of the Day can boost your SFI commissions. Remember the 3 basic pillars of SFI are sales, growth, and support.

7. Featured Marketing Aid. So many team members fail to take advantage of this point of referral. Remind your team to use the featured marketing aid in their advertising.

8. Goals Tab. Setting goals and following a plan of action to reach your goals are important to your SFI success. Have you set your SFI goals? Are you on track to meeting your goals?

9. Featured ECA. Sales are the lifeblood of any business and our ECAs provide over 80,000 products and services from around the world. Remind your team that you can support ECAs in their country and region as well as find highly rated ECAs right from the ECA tab! There are also links on sponsoring ECAs and ECA discussions at the Forum.

10. Eager Zebra Factoids. To promote EZ games, why not share an interesting factoid. Also from the EZ tab you can find helpful resources that provide training on how to boost your income playing EZ games!

11. PB Auctions Factoids. What better to build interest in Pricebenders Auctions than to share the savings! Let people know what they are missing out on. You can’t win if you don’t bid. Jump in and have a strategy and fun!

12. My Earnings. Remind your team that they can see where they stand commission wise. All they have to do is review the information on the scoreboard tab. They can also access leader boards from this tab. Ask open ended questions to get your team communicating about their income goals. Let your team know that they can update their goals anytime and they should be flexible to fit their present business needs.

These are just a few things to get the ball rolling as it relates to communication with your stream. Recently, the stream characters have been expanded but be brief and to the point. Keep your stream current up to 72 hours . There isn’t a need to post things in the stream everyday but when the need arises don’t hesitate to use this powerful resource.

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