what are the component of a good advertisements

When marketing  products/services, you need to think how you can bring in new customers and generate sales; therefore it is essential to include the major components of a great advertisement in your marketing campaign.

Think about the unique benefits of products/services and showcase that in a persuasive way. To be effective, you need to emphasize results more than the features.

Here are the major components of a great advertisement in marketing products/services:

  • Attention Grabbing

We’re bombarded with thousand of ad messages every day. One of the most effective ways to get the attention of your prospect is by incorporating strong, bold headline, which sends the following message clearly: “Hey, look at me, pay attention. I can solve your problem!” You can go to the Marketing Center and select the appropriate Marketing aids (Banners, Text Ads, etc.) that you can use in promoting products/services. The Marketing Aids are designed to get the attention of your prospect effectively. They appeal to basic sensory perceptions and if done right, they work simply because we’re human.

  • Create Interest and Engagement

You need to make your ad compelling by sending your prospects a clear message that if they continue to read or listen you’re going to teach them something. So it’s a promise to get them to continue to read, continue to listen, because you’re going to educate them.

  • Strong compelling offer and Call to Action

You need to have something that is low risk, whether it is a discount, whether it is more information, or whatever. But those are the things you need to do. For example, you can use this powerful banner in your blog: “LOVE GARAGE SALES? We’re building the WORLD’S LARGEST Online Garage Sales! CLICK HERE. Snatch bargains for pennies on the dollar! New items added hourly! Collectibles and hard-to-find items! Sell you own unwanted stuff too for quick cash!” TripleClicks.com 

  • Hook the desires of your prospects

A good advertisement contains valuable information for specific target market providing solutions to their needs. For example: “Hey, Bargain Hunters! We’ve got collectibles, closeouts, one-of-a-kinds and more! New items daily!”

  • Copy Elements

Photography, illustration and logo symbols raise interest in any ad. Integrate these graphic elements with your headline and copy for maximum effect. It is a known fact that more attention goes to pictures than words and human models get the most attention in magazine ads. This indicates the value of using models that match or appeal to your target audience to forge an immediate connection between  product/service and your potential customer. Inconsistency between your headline and your illustration will confuse the viewer and reduce the ads impact.


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