What are some good phone scripts to use in welcoming new affiliates, or contacting your warm market?

If you must welcome new affiliates using the phone, the first thing to do is to introduce yourself simply and quickly, ie.

“Hi, how are you? This is your Sponsor in SFI, Luckie Vickie!
Just want to welcome you personally to my Team, and see if you need help in getting started?”

Depending on the response, you can then assuage any feeling of hesitance or unreadiness to start by promising to send an email.

“Would it help you better if I send you a E-mail with simple guidance and procedure for you to follow?”

If the answer is yes, then you’re in business.

To contact your warm market, it would also depend on the relationship you have with your prospect.

For a relative, a simple, casual phone call will do. Try this:

“Hi, cousin! How are you going? Are you doing anything special today?
Remember you asked me about my latest project? I have just won another auction for 99c! If you’re free today, I’ll come around and show you.”

For a friend, try this for a Friend’s Challenge.

“Hi, Best Friend,
Are you still up? Just want to share an exciting news- I just won in Knockout Trivia/Gold Streak/Card King and I’ve started an Uber League. How would you like to join me? You’ll enjoy the games. Let’s see how you can beat me or I, you!”

These are only some of the sample scripts you can use. Try and see what happens.

Whatever you do, know why you’re calling, prepare the call, set the ball rolling by making a statement and asking question.

Put a smile or laughter on your voice that can be infectious, especially when calling a friend or members of your family who live far from you.

And focus on being of service to them for maximum effect. Then think of the next step with a mutually-agreed follow up appointment.



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