video communication

Well, video marketing is very effective when incorporated with other marketing strategies like email marketing, and social media marketing. So you can make your video using video making software or you can make it with something like your smart phone. The best way to promote your video is on youtube. So you must register a Youtube account and abide by the terms of service. Then you can share your youtube videos using gmail, and facebook. The more videos you upload the more traffic your profile will have on youtube and you can share those videos.

When you share your videos using gmail, the video previews in the email. Using safelist you can drive 1000s of visitors to your video. In the description of your video be sure to include your referral link. Put it in the first 50 characters because that will preview in youtube as well. Be sure to use tracking software so that you can determine where most of the safelist traffic is coming from.

To share your videos on Facebook, just make sure that your privacy settings are set to public so that when you share the video on a friends timeline or your profile everyone can see it. People will like your video, and make comments. Then you have to use that information from inside your Facebook ad account to boost the videos with the most engagement. Just keep your videos within about 2 mins. All of the stats will be available from within your ad account.


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