face to face communication in affiliate marketing


Any place where you will have access to huge gathering of people will be very ideal to meet people face to pace, promote your  Business and explore opportunities to recruit affiliates.

Such being the case, you can find mass gathering of people, or huge visitors in the following places:

1. Shopping Malls
2. Established Restaurants;
3. Department Stores;
4. Trade Fairs;
5. Exhibitions;
6. Professional Colleges;
7. Theme (Amusement) Parks;
8. Parks;
9. Beach;
10. Post Offices;
11. Pass Port/Visa Offices;
12. Bus Depots (Transit Junctions);
13. Professional Colleges;
14. Employment Centers;
15. Seminar Centers

There are some more places like Temples/Churches, Theaters, etc. However, even though you can see huge visitors, its not ethically advisable to speak to them about business opportunities in those places.

You can have a small place taken with the concerned people’s permission in the places mentioned above. You can have sufficient flyers, hand bills, etc to explain and issue to your visitors. At the end of the day, do ensure that you collected the contact details from your visitors through a form that can even show their interest or other wise, so that it will be easy for you to do a follow up.


Like these places, keep looking for more and more such places in your Region and try to meet people quite often; Explore every opportunity available to meet & recruit people face to face.


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