What are some ways I can engage with my team through my Stream messages?

The best ways to engage your team through the stream is to remind them of the following:


1. SFI News Alerts. SFI News Alerts have vital information that’s critical to daily operation of our business centers. Besides, there are developments highlighted that may be changes in policy or new policy. New features and tools are announce in the SFI News Alerts. In addition, the news alerts highlight useful resources and tips team leaders can use to improve business centers in their downline.

2. A thread that you have bookmarked from the forum. When I run across useful posts I try to bookmark them. I will reference those posts on my FB business profile, Twitter feed, or GooglePlus.

3. Ask SC Answer of the Day. Remind your team of the importance of Ask SC! There are jewels to be found that can serve as a catalyst to boost your income.

4. Quote of the Day. Witty axioms, metaphors, quotes, and interesting topics of conversation can serve to be a reminder of the big picture or the natural course of things. Give your team some food for thought!

5. Did You Know? Factoids about the business are always interesting and helps to keep the business alive. Share with your team SFI by the numbers and other interesting facts about SFI and your journey here.

6. Deal of the Day. Sharing a quick tip about the Deal of the Day can boost your SFI commissions. Remember the 3 basic pillars of SFI are sales, growth, and support.

7. Featured Marketing Aid. So many team members fail to take advantage of this point of referral. Remind your team to use the featured marketing aid in their advertising.

8. Goals Tab. Setting goals and following a plan of action to reach your goals are important to your SFI success. Have you set your SFI goals? Are you on track to meeting your goals?

9. Featured ECA. Sales are the lifeblood of any business and our ECAs provide over 80,000 products and services from around the world. Remind your team that you can support ECAs in their country and region as well as find highly rated ECAs right from the ECA tab! There are also links on sponsoring ECAs and ECA discussions at the Forum.

10. Eager Zebra Factoids. To promote EZ games, why not share an interesting factoid. Also from the EZ tab you can find helpful resources that provide training on how to boost your income playing EZ games!

11. PB Auctions Factoids. What better to build interest in Pricebenders Auctions than to share the savings! Let people know what they are missing out on. You can’t win if you don’t bid. Jump in and have a strategy and fun!

12. My Earnings. Remind your team that they can see where they stand commission wise. All they have to do is review the information on the scoreboard tab. They can also access leader boards from this tab. Ask open ended questions to get your team communicating about their income goals. Let your team know that they can update their goals anytime and they should be flexible to fit their present business needs.

These are just a few things to get the ball rolling as it relates to communication with your stream. Recently, the stream characters have been expanded but be brief and to the point. Keep your stream current up to 72 hours . There isn’t a need to post things in the stream everyday but when the need arises don’t hesitate to use this powerful resource.

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what are the component of a good advertisements

When marketing  products/services, you need to think how you can bring in new customers and generate sales; therefore it is essential to include the major components of a great advertisement in your marketing campaign.

Think about the unique benefits of products/services and showcase that in a persuasive way. To be effective, you need to emphasize results more than the features.

Here are the major components of a great advertisement in marketing products/services:

  • Attention Grabbing

We’re bombarded with thousand of ad messages every day. One of the most effective ways to get the attention of your prospect is by incorporating strong, bold headline, which sends the following message clearly: “Hey, look at me, pay attention. I can solve your problem!” You can go to the Marketing Center and select the appropriate Marketing aids (Banners, Text Ads, etc.) that you can use in promoting products/services. The Marketing Aids are designed to get the attention of your prospect effectively. They appeal to basic sensory perceptions and if done right, they work simply because we’re human.

  • Create Interest and Engagement

You need to make your ad compelling by sending your prospects a clear message that if they continue to read or listen you’re going to teach them something. So it’s a promise to get them to continue to read, continue to listen, because you’re going to educate them.

  • Strong compelling offer and Call to Action

You need to have something that is low risk, whether it is a discount, whether it is more information, or whatever. But those are the things you need to do. For example, you can use this powerful banner in your blog: “LOVE GARAGE SALES? We’re building the WORLD’S LARGEST Online Garage Sales! CLICK HERE. Snatch bargains for pennies on the dollar! New items added hourly! Collectibles and hard-to-find items! Sell you own unwanted stuff too for quick cash!” TripleClicks.com 

  • Hook the desires of your prospects

A good advertisement contains valuable information for specific target market providing solutions to their needs. For example: “Hey, Bargain Hunters! We’ve got collectibles, closeouts, one-of-a-kinds and more! New items daily!”

  • Copy Elements

Photography, illustration and logo symbols raise interest in any ad. Integrate these graphic elements with your headline and copy for maximum effect. It is a known fact that more attention goes to pictures than words and human models get the most attention in magazine ads. This indicates the value of using models that match or appeal to your target audience to forge an immediate connection between  product/service and your potential customer. Inconsistency between your headline and your illustration will confuse the viewer and reduce the ads impact.

What are some good phone scripts to use in welcoming new affiliates, or contacting your warm market?

If you must welcome new affiliates using the phone, the first thing to do is to introduce yourself simply and quickly, ie.

“Hi, how are you? This is your Sponsor in SFI, Luckie Vickie!
Just want to welcome you personally to my Team, and see if you need help in getting started?”

Depending on the response, you can then assuage any feeling of hesitance or unreadiness to start by promising to send an email.

“Would it help you better if I send you a E-mail with simple guidance and procedure for you to follow?”

If the answer is yes, then you’re in business.

To contact your warm market, it would also depend on the relationship you have with your prospect.

For a relative, a simple, casual phone call will do. Try this:

“Hi, cousin! How are you going? Are you doing anything special today?
Remember you asked me about my latest project? I have just won another auction for 99c! If you’re free today, I’ll come around and show you.”

For a friend, try this for a Friend’s Challenge.

“Hi, Best Friend,
Are you still up? Just want to share an exciting news- I just won in Knockout Trivia/Gold Streak/Card King and I’ve started an Uber League. How would you like to join me? You’ll enjoy the games. Let’s see how you can beat me or I, you!”

These are only some of the sample scripts you can use. Try and see what happens.

Whatever you do, know why you’re calling, prepare the call, set the ball rolling by making a statement and asking question.

Put a smile or laughter on your voice that can be infectious, especially when calling a friend or members of your family who live far from you.

And focus on being of service to them for maximum effect. Then think of the next step with a mutually-agreed follow up appointment.


video communication

Well, video marketing is very effective when incorporated with other marketing strategies like email marketing, and social media marketing. So you can make your video using video making software or you can make it with something like your smart phone. The best way to promote your video is on youtube. So you must register a Youtube account and abide by the terms of service. Then you can share your youtube videos using gmail, and facebook. The more videos you upload the more traffic your profile will have on youtube and you can share those videos.

When you share your videos using gmail, the video previews in the email. Using safelist you can drive 1000s of visitors to your video. In the description of your video be sure to include your referral link. Put it in the first 50 characters because that will preview in youtube as well. Be sure to use tracking software so that you can determine where most of the safelist traffic is coming from.

To share your videos on Facebook, just make sure that your privacy settings are set to public so that when you share the video on a friends timeline or your profile everyone can see it. People will like your video, and make comments. Then you have to use that information from inside your Facebook ad account to boost the videos with the most engagement. Just keep your videos within about 2 mins. All of the stats will be available from within your ad account.

how to ensure continue growth in affiliate business

To ensure that affiliate’s  business continually grows one should:
1. Log on to your affiliate center daily
2. Perform your daily to do activities
3. Recruit friend and other affiliates to you store
4. Purchase items from your affiliate  store
5. Participate in any activities of raising funds 
6. Play Eager zebra games and join Wave 3  
7. Recruit ECA’s
8. Advertise, advertise, advertise your business using several medium mentioned in your training materials
9. Use different advertising media and forms to ensure your business is well advertised
10. Read all the learning materials and put the activities into practice

face to face communication in affiliate marketing


Any place where you will have access to huge gathering of people will be very ideal to meet people face to pace, promote your  Business and explore opportunities to recruit affiliates.

Such being the case, you can find mass gathering of people, or huge visitors in the following places:
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