how to promote a products or give gifts during holidays seasons


There will be a lot of people shopping on-line during this upcoming holiday season and to get a part of the action I would say we need to be advertising like we have never done before.
We need to get “gift” ideas out on the net now! The more products you can advertise the more chances you will have of gaining some of the holiday on-line customers.
This is the time of the year where people are knowingly going to spend money and you want them to spend it on what you have to offer. 
Taking the above into account, our ads need to be centered on giving your prospect the best solutions for their gift buying. Things like:
• Shop from the comforts of your home.
• Shop 24 hours a day no need to fight long lines and traffic rush.
• Have your gifts delivered directly to the recipient’s front door.
• Shop with us and earn bonus points for FREE gifts.
It would also be good if you personally were to do “Transfer buying” with the gifts to your loved ones. Instead of giving the retail stores your hard earned money buy them from TripleClicks and ship them directly to your loved ones.
Now send your loved ones a nice Christmas card informing them that a gift just for them is coming in the mail. Also send them a Gift Card from TripleClicks as an added bonus.
You can also send to your friends, family and co-workers a invitation to join as a member in your TripleClicks store and when you receive notice that they joined then you can send them a Gift Certificate. People like being able to choose their own gifts.
All you need is a little creative imagination and I believe that you will be able to come up with some great ways to promote TripleClicks products and services during the upcoming seasons and throughout the year.
– Log in to TripleClicks and search for the products you would like to promote. Pay particular attention to products for online shoppers that are in a rush to find ready-made unique items as gifts to their loved ones.
– Since the theme is big, upcoming holidays and gift giving season, you’ll need to consider pre-package best-selling items ready for gifting in beautifully designed cases, gift wrap, and boxes. The key here is to make sure the packaging is exciting enough for the shopper to want to give as a gift.
– Make a holiday video of your favorite TC products.
An eye-catching video can make your brand stand out from the crowd. A small budget and a creative mind can go a long way when promoting your TC products, so if your video is distinctly humorous or clever enough and aligns with your brand you can have a recipe for a heavily-shared video to promote using social media. Focus on the idea that you are trying to convey along with relevancy to your audience, and the video will present itself perfectly.
– Promote TC products through blogging.
Refresh your blog site’s appearance with festive visuals to reflect the holiday season. Even small cosmetic changes like changing the colors of text and background, creative copywriting, or uploading holiday themed pictures can make a big impact on your visitors. Make sure your blog site content is up-to-date as well, advertising your latest TC products that you’re promoting.
An effective approach to blogging this coming holiday season is to post content that will solve your prospective customer’s problems. How can your blogging help non- TC customers? During this coming holiday season, prospective customers are online, searching for gift ideas for their friends, family, and acquaintances. Write articles for gifts ideas, create gift lists, or inform your prospective customers about the trendy gift that’s on everyone’s wish list this year. Which one of the TC products that you’re going to promote will make a great gift for a significant other? Which one would grandma like? Not only will your blogging content provide information and value to your website visitors, it’ll also help you promote your TC products.

Promote TC products by purchasing your gifts from TripleClicks. 


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