What are the best habits to develop to ensure that your SFI business continually grows

It is a good idea to develop good business habits to help grow <a href=’https://www.tripleclicks.com/13457859/indexContests.php’><img src=’http://sfibanners.csidn.com/banner514.png&#8217; border=’0′></a>your business. These include the following:
1. Log in every day, no matter what! If you expect to grow your business, you cannot neglect it in any way. Just as you would go to your physical business site every day to see how your workers are doing and to check out your inventory and solve any problems that may occur, it is important to log in and read the information made available to you and complete your tasks.
2. Check your movers and see how they are doing. You want to work with them most of all.
3. Read the news items so you know what is going on.
4. Go to TripleClicks and see what new items are available. TripleClicks is your store, and you should know what is there so you can promote your store.
5. Check the Forum and Ask SC. These are valuable resources. These are good places to communicate with fellow affiliates.
6. Develop a good working relationship with your team members and other affiliates. You want to help your team to grow. Keep the communication lines open and encourage your affiliates. Congratulate them when they reach milestones. Let them know how valuable they are.
Above all else, keep a positive attitude and never cut down or belittle anyone in this great organization or anywhere else, for that matter.
By doing these things each day, your business will steadily grow. It takes time, but you will surely succeed.
Thanks for this question.
1. First and foremost is, we should approach SFI business as any other business
and the best of our attention must be paid on a daily basis. Viewed from this
perspective, we should cultivate the following:
a. Logging in, to our Account without missing a single day;
b. Ensuring, all essential activities are completed & available VersaPoints are
gathered without losing any opportunity;
c. Performance of Team Members are monitored through Movers, Genealogy, etc
and clear, corrective steps are initiated to ensure continuous growth;
d. SFI News Letters should be read & important points to be shared with Team
e. Alerts on the Home Page should be paid foremost attention & appropriate
action must be taken then and there.
f. Forum should be visited & all posts to be read; Where ever necessary can
reply/share/post for the benefit of self and others;
g. At regular interval, should communicate with the Up Line sharing anything
that is relevant to the business;
h. Establish a good rapport & relationship with the Team members;
2. Approach everything with a positive frame of mind and with an attitude
“not to give up and not to quit – no matter what”!;
3. Begin the day with a clear Plan of Action on all areas of SFI Business.
4. Set in motion, the action plan.
5. To analyze the Tasks set and action taken, at the end of the day.
6. Again decide on the action to be taken on the pending Tasks.
We should develop the habit of:
a) Planning our activities; b) Setting them in motion; c) Analyzing them from time to time; d) Initiating corrective action;
e) Having alternate Plans; f) Ensuring compliance & achievements g) Sharing them with Team members & inspiring them to perform better. h) With these kind of habits, every one can grow and succeed continuously.Top of Form<a href=’https://www.tripleclicks.com/13457859/indexContests.php’><img src=’http://sfibanners.csidn.com/banner514.png&#8217; border=’0′></a>


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