What are some tips for getting the most out of the SFI Forum each day?

logo-forum_lgNo doubt, the current Forum Is another unofficial ‘knowledge base’ for all Affiliates, contributed by all Affiliates.
Forum is a place where all affiliates can share information, ask question and submit their own answers as well. Questions and answers may come from inexperience new members or season ones and the answer you received also the same, may come from newbies or experienced and seasoned Team Leaders. The best part of it, if no correct and clear answers given by members, Mr. Carson himself will come forward with ‘on the spot’ answers.

Forum should be used as reference points besides those official info made available by SFI. It is a must for every member to read Forum to enrich their knowledge and to find their ‘out of the box’ answers. By doing so, members should be able to learn to:

1) Ask question and support from fellow members when no assistance received from their
2) Gain knowledge by participating in Forum.
3) Enhanced their writing skills, by reading and submitting questions and answers, thus
improve their self-confidence and helps develop their Leadership skills.
4) Enable Senior Leaders to share valuable tips with the entire SFI’s community, in return each
member could use the same tips or info with their very own team members/downlines.

Forum, again no doubt is a powerful platform for all affiliates to brainstorm and if used properly can assist everyone to success. With the assistance of Forum Moderators, only relevant question allowed to be posted and with a handful of Forum Gurus, has made Forum a ‘condusive’ place to be for every members to share their thoughts.

First understand that the SFI FORUM is an important forum for strategic, direct to point support to answers to affiliates who are in dear need of answer to quickly meet their need.

To maximize the benefits of this forum, do the following:

  1. Enter forum as frequent as possible but do more of reading than contributing.

  2. As you read answers to questions, do comparative analysis of answers and ideas.

  3. Filter and make use of best answers and ideas.

  4. Ask your own specific questions about things bordering you.or areas you need guidance to improve.

  5. Try to view the pages of Team Leaders who have referred and registered many ECAs, top 100 sellers, top enrollers etc for advise on how you too can do same. This are activities to help you earn in $1000’s

  6. A good place to choose a2a friends by select from those in no 5. above as mentors. Remember the saying, ” show me your mentor and I will show you how far you can go “

I assure you that doing all the above will help you enjoy FORUM maximally.
See you at the top soon. <a href=’http://www.sfi4.com/13457859/REAL’><img src=’http://www.sfimg.com/SFIBanners/banner414.jpg&#8217; border=’0′></a>
My Regards.



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