What are some ideas for promoting online products during the big, upcoming holidays and gift-giving season?

Sometime we as business owner have to let our Clients and the people that we do our yearlong business with know what our business is all about and how they can share in it also. <a href=’http://www.sfi4.com/13457859/REAL’><img src=’http://www.sfimg.com/SFIBanners/banner414.jpg&#8217; border=’0′></a>And also this time of the year is very special and at the same time very important Too. Because the people that are now around us are very eager to listen and hear what is being said in our advertisements, by knowing this we pay special attention to the way that they react to what we send out to them. And also what area and what part of the Country we are target with our advertisement, what we say in them is real important to the people that we are trying to get to notice what we are doing with the business that we are doing. And we must sent out follow-up notices to those that we did contact and who also show some interest and before too long after this they may even decide to come on broad with you as just a shopper, or just a buyer, but they are now on broad with your business.

My greatest suggestion would be to do your promoting as EARLY as possible.

The shipping time that some companies have for their products is over a month, to certain countries, usually to people not living in their own country. When many products have free shipping for their products, though, this is to be expected.

Promote the companies that accept pick-ups – where buyers who live in that area can go and collect their products at the premises of the company, especially when time is running out to get one’s gifts in time! Obviously try and geo-target market where possible – market the products of a company in a certain country to people living in that same country.

Or warn your potential new affiliates that they may need to order as soon as possible in order to get their products on time for the gift-giving season. Do of course mention, though, that the delivery time may only be a bit long due to many products at highlighted in the sites having shipping included in their price (free shipping!)

Plan well in advance. <a href=’http://www.sfi4.com/13457859/REAL’><img src=’http://www.sfimg.com/SFIBanners/banner414.jpg&#8217; border=’0′></a>Order some gift-giving season products for yourself too, now, and then late next year – not too late though!- you can show off these products to potential new affiliate s which may help entice them to order the same products.

Also mention how at your company they may be able to get an extra gift to give to somebody for free:

Tell them they will get Member Rewards Points when they purchase products at the company and that these Member Rewards Points can be saved up and then used to buy another gift!

Also tell them that they can get Member Rewards Points in other ways too – from using credits  (that they may win!) on games or on auctions, and from maybe winning Member Rewards Points in the Daily Crown.

Also explain how they may win an auction and may be able to choose a gift certificate option instead of the item up for auction, and that they can use that gift certificate at TripleClicks or at another place like Amazon.

And be happy and excited in all your promotions.<a href=’http://www.sfi4.com/13457859/REAL’><img src=’http://www.sfimg.com/SFIBanners/banner414.jpg&#8217; border=’0′></a>


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