How do you build a team where everyone knows they are valued members and part of something special?

Forum Discussion<a href=’’><img src=’; border=’0′></a>We all have a ceiling on what we feel we can accomplish, earn and impact the world with on a daily basis. Whatever you believe becomes your truth. Until you breakthrough that ceiling, no matter what you do in your business or your life, you will not see the results you truly desire and deserve. Well, that puts a damper on everything! However, it does not have to be this way!
Get your team to be valued members and part of something special by:
1. Showing them how to break the Millionaire Ceiling…
Newsflash: You cannot make a million dollars doing work that you can pay someone $15 – $20 per hour.
2. Showing them how to create passive revenue, so they make money while they sleep.
3. Showing them how to keep the sales coming in day in and day out, no
matter what!
4. Showing them how to become aligned with what you do, so they can build a business and a life that energizes and excites them every day.
Instead of being the burned out worker-bee in it, so they can have more time to spend with those they love.
5. Telling them to be committed by “Following the money” in the SFI compensation plan.
If they are ready to make a big financial shift and grow their SFI business to the Million Dollar Plus level, and create an beautiful quality of life to spend with those they love, they need to be a part of this very special team. Taking a moment to stop and learn how to create dramatic growth in their business is time very well spent.
6. Telling them that SFI Business Success Depends on Support and Knowing Your Numbers.
Let’s face it, making money and living their dream is exciting. Too many SFI affiliates push sales to the end of their development when building a SFI business. I’m not saying they should not have a great platform and a good website and a solid plan. But I am saying that those tasks should be happening the same time they are developing their sales plan. People get stuck in logo development, website building and all the other items of building a SFI business and often delay sales until everything is finished.
NB: Let me tell you this: it’s never perfect or finished. MAURICE.

Letting your affiliates know they are special and that they are part of a special business venture starts from the very beginning, with a good welcome message. It continues as you communicate with them every week and you congratulate them on their accomplishments and cheer them on at every milestone. Giving them affiliates by placing your movers in co-ops is an excellent way to make them feel special. Sending them a gift certificate once in a while or giving them TCredits also makes them feel special. Be sure to answer any questions they may have and ask them for feedback whenever you write. Above all, never write anything negative or hurtful. Show them, by your actions and your badges, that you mean what you say. Never force them to do things, but show them how they might do things in a better way Just be a friend. That’s how you build your team and make them feel that they are a part of something special, because they really are! SFI is a really special business! Make it the most exciting thing both you and your affiliates have ever worked to promote. It really is, you know.<a href=’’><img src=’; border=’0′></a>





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