How can I help the Movers on my team move up to the next level?

<a href=’’><img src=’; border=’0′></a>Keep lines of communication with your movers open and check to make sure they are moving toward their goals. Let them know how valuable they are and show them where they may need more VP in their VP ledger. Perhaps you can give them some TCredits or a gift certificate to help them. Be very careful about gift certificates, however. You do not want to make affiliates dependent on you. You want them to build their own team and work on their own.
Add some affiliates by giving them shares if they have joined your co-ops. If possible, reassign some affiliates to them as well. This should only be done if you have affiliates who are EAs and you can help them get to higher levels.
Above all, always be encouraging and positive. Affiliates must know how valuable they are to your team. This will help motivate them to move to greater heights.

<a href=’’><img src=’; border=’0′></a>First you have to be the leader of the pack, and lead by example. It
doesn’t mean all your movers want to move to the next level, some
of them are very comfortable where they are for one reason or another
could be financial problem or not spending enough time to grow their
business or market the product and they lack consistency.
But you always have to give them your encouragement and offer your help,
if they need any kind of help to get them to the next level without putting any
Pressure on them.
Some are ready also eager and striving to go to the next level to
Those see their progress and identify the area hindering them form getting to
The next level and work with them to pave the way for higher level.
Show them how to market the products and where, teach them how to acquire
more affiliates, show them all the available tools we have to be successful.
As long as you all work as a team, as they see you moving up they will follow
You as well to move up with you. We are often reminded to “Work with our workers,” and I must say that is a true and powerful statement. For it is our workers, in our teams, that will move us to the top levels of success in SFI. In knowing this it, would be to our best interest to assist our workers to achieve higher levels.
A good reason for doing the above is that when one of your teammates reaches a higher level they get excited and this helps to build their trust in the fact that SFI is a viable business and they will want to stick around a bit longer.
Another thing that is taking place when you help your movers rise in rank is that you are showing them an easy step in duplicating your work. Most of your movers will not forget how you helped them advance and will use that same method to increase and stabilize their own teams.
You need to be sure that the movers you are trying to help achieve the next level really want to be on that level and will be able to maintain it. If you help someone this month and the move for them was to premature and they fall back next month they may get depressed enough to quit.
One of the things I always do before assisting one of my workers to the next level is I get in good daily communication with them for a while and ask them if they were on the next level would they be able to stay on that level on their own. I let them know right up front that I will personally help them reach that level only once and if they cannot maintain it then simply put they will drop back. One of the reasons I do it like this is I do not want my affiliates depending on me each time they fall back and need a hand again. If they keep advancing I keep helping them as much as I can without creating dependency.
The methods that I help my movers with are:
• giving them new sign-ups
• Giving a gift certificate (usually for a NMP – New Member Pack).
• I have also given my movers spots on my rotator when running a large advertising campaign.
• Also have given gift certificates for just $2.00 to get one TCredit to gain the sales VP or to purchase a pack of gift cards to distribute for the 300 AVP (action VersaPoints)
• I have also offered to help any of my movers (and others in my team) write content for their stream post or for letters to their down-lines. I send them scripts that they can copy and paste – I personally modify the writings to appear as though they came from the person sending them and I give them permission to modify them if needed.
I will not help one of my movers put in a standing order – this must be done on their own. And I also will not help my movers to buy packs of TCredits when they can be earned though T-time and through monthly qualifying in their rank.
The best way to help your movers – Lead by example – show easy duplication – be an Awesome Sponsor. <a href=’’><img src=’; border=’0′></a>



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