Good communication with our team is vital in SFI, but what if we are not good writers; how do we learn to write well?

Many people cringe at the idea of “writing” because they think they don’t know how to write, but, the bottom line, it’s much easier than you’d believe. <a href=’′><img src=’; border=’0′></a>

I was taught good writing skills during my education years all the way through college. I was fortunate to have some very good teachers. Having said that, writing skills are more about communicating an idea to people. One does not have to be William Shakespeare to do this.

First, as an SFI Member, you have access to many “Templates” other members have written and used in their communications. I’d highly recommend you review them. You can edit them to suit your personal preferences and copy/paste them into your PSA/CSA/Team Mail correspondence. The SFI system will save your versions for future mailings.

Secondly, think about what piques your interest. There is no reason why you shouldn’t convey that to others. This is especially helpful to get Team Members that are on the “same page” as you and build a personal relationship.
Finally, keep your content simple and to the point.
Standard successful advertising rules are as follows:

1) Subject Line – Maximum 20 characters in length. Do NOT include $ signs or references to “making millions”, etc.
2) Content – Maximum 200 characters in length. Keep the content relevant and concise.
3) Contact Information – Very important to allow your Team Members to access you on a PERSONAL level.
I hope this helps you in your endeavors to communicate with your team.
God Bless and Success.<a href=’′><img src=’; border=’0′></a>


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