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Don’t just focus on the time factor and draw your conclusion about when to expect producing income from your SFI business. You can have more than the time you need, but are you focusing on activities that produce income from your SFI business?

Do you have any strategic plan on how you spend your time and some financial investments towards meeting your expectation of when to produce your income? This is a critical question that only you can answer.

When can you expect producing income from your SFI business will depend on the following aspects?

  • Do you have your own lead generation system targeting high qualified prospects?

Lead generation is the lifeblood of your SFI business. Without having a constant supply of fresh, targeted leads, your business will not grow at all and you won’t be producing any income. You need to invest in creating your own lead generation system by having your own website/blog, landing page, autoresponder system, etc. You need to allocate time for creating relevant content to attract your target, share compelling information in social media to effectively engage prospects and to add human value to your brand and focus on keyword optimization (SEO) to make sure that your SFI business is easily accessible when prospects search for keywords that relate to your SFI business.

It is a fact that generating your own leads will give you the best prospects. Start the rapport building process with your leads by communicating and listening to them and then provide a solution that fits their needs. This will initiates the conversion of your leads into sign ups.

  • Have you been consistently training and supporting your downline in duplicating your efforts?

You will not make real money in your SFI business unless you really know how to build your downline that is, sponsoring the right quantity and quality of PSAs, training, coaching and developing their skills, and showing them how to duplicate the process to build their downlines.

Once you figure out how to do all three steps, your downline will have its own life, not just dependent on you being their Team Leader and sponsor.

  • Are you striving to attain leveraging on the efforts, time, money and skills of your downline to effectively build their SFI business and increase their income potential?

Leveraging is a model that every SFI business owner should understand in order to succeed. It is all about achieving more with less. It allows you to duplicate your time through the efforts of your team members to achieve maximum results. The power of leveraging will depend on team members who share your goal of building a strong SFI business and are willing to work for it, and how you develop your downline into duplication by committing into SFI BASICS.

  • Are you generating TripleClicks sales?

An immediate source of income is by generating TC sales. There are several ways to generate TripleClicks sales:

  1. You can start learning and applying the marketing methods and marketing aids from your Marketing tab.

  2. Share TC products information through E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networking sites by sharing the link: “Share & Win”.

These are the type of activities that you should be engaging to start producing income from your SFI business.


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